Spider® Custom Insulation
Spider® Custom Insulation comes in variable thickness levels can fill 2x4 cavities up to an R-15 thermal rating, 2x6 cavities up to R-23, and six-inch steel stud cavities up to R-25. JM Spider® insulation also reduces sound transmission, achieving a Sound Transmission Class of 43 in a standard 2x4 wood-framed wall. JM Spider® insulation resists mold because it sprays in almost dry (less moisture content than wood framing), and is treated with a U.S. EPA-registered mold inhibitor to protect the insulation against mold. JM Spider® insulation can be used for both wall and ceiling applications. In addition, only fiber glass insulation made without formaldehyde—such as JM Spider® Custom Insulation—can pass Environmental Specification 1350, the toughest indoor air quality test in North America, with a non-detect for formaldehyde.

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